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Authentic Leadership - the power you are born to give

Bricherasio - Piemonte, Italy   ::   27. may - 1. june 2018

The power you are born to give is a leadership programme focusing on how to create followership and strengthening your interpersonal impact – make your performance stick.

You want to be in this programme because you want to gain insight and perspective how your messages can be clear and stick with your audience. You want to create followership to your vision and business strategy from your employee, customer and stakeholders.

Maybe you hold an MBA or another leadership programme and have strengthened your skills for leadership, management and business performance, but how about creating followership?

This way of training combines theory and practical but our beliefs and way of training is doing it, rather than talk about it.

Real experience is our brand

A typical day has four phase:

1. Reflection and warm up

2. Presentation & Exercises – indoor or outdoor

3. Coaching

4. Evening performance

Part of the training is in the mountains 20 minutes drive from Bricherasio.

We will walk for 5-6 hours in about 1500 - 2000 meter hight.


You don’t have to carry a big backpack but you must be able to walk for 5-6 hours.

Most leadership programme do not focus and practice how to create followership – how to built presence and increase your authenticity and credibility as a leader through a stronger sense of self and how to built practice and discipline.

Build presence – increase your authenticity

Transform inner resistance to powerful communication

Build practice and discipline

We go to Piemonte in Italy because we want to combine classroom exercises with nature of the mountains. As trainers it is our purpose to catalyze a process of self-awareness for the ultimate personal development. We strongly believe our body as part of our memory why we focus on what you do, think and feel and how your body respond. We work and focus both on implicit and explicit memory. Many different beliefs systems lead to poor performance  and for many presenters it is a typical thing to try not to feel themselves during a performance and that’s exactly where we have our touchpoint.

We train your body awareness and how to transform inner resistance to powerful communication. We want you to feel true contact with your audience and to build up and strengthened your inner reference system. Nothing you learn reading a book.

We challenge your comfort zone in a compassionate way only for you to get closer to your true core and the power you are born to give.

Practical information

The Cost:

17.500 DKR  -  all inclusive


Copenhagen Airport -  terminal 2

Sunday 27. may - 14.00


Copenhagen Airport 

Friday 1. june - 16.00

Good to bring:

Walking shoes, sports clothing

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